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Christos Spourdalakis 4-String Greek Bouzouki Walnut $1800

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Christos' Spourdalakis instruments are considered the Rolls Royce of greek art lutherie. Please check Christos Spourdalakis' web site for info and photos of more instruments:

Also check Christos Spourdalakis youtube VIDEOS (click on "cc" for english subtitles):

Christos' Spourdalakis traditional art lutherie instruments also use modern technologies to enhance stability, functionality, longevity and sound! Many of his instruments have the neck enhanced with carbon fiber rod! This way they will last forever, there is no need for adjustments, although they come with lifetime warranty.

More on carbon fiber neck enhancement here:
(click on "cc" for subtitles in english!)

Christos produces ~60 instruments/year. 4-string, 3-string bouzoukis, baglamas (small bouzouki), guitars, mandolins, and other string instruments. In recent years most of the instruments are sold world-wide.

Below is what one of his US customers (a high-profile person, I am sorry I cannot disclose his name!) says about his work:

Dear Christos,

The bouzouki arrived this morning in perfect shape and it's magnificent.
Your workmanship is unbelievable. This from a guy who owns over a hundred
premium instruments including Torres, Bouchet, Fleta, Barbero Friederich,
Santos, D'Angelico, D'Aquisto, Stromberg, Loar Gibson, prewar Martin 45
guitars, Nahhat and Manol ouds, etc. Gorgeous bouzouki, sonically and

I installed the bridge per your precise tape markings, tuned it up and have
been playing for a couple of hours. Intonation is perfect and frankly, after
spending much time with my ouds, it's a pleasure to have something that uses
machine tuners!

The bouzouki is incredibly open for a brand new instrument and I look
forward to seeing how far it develops - though it sounds marvelous right
now. Pleasure working with you. Best, JK

If the particular instrument is no longer available, Christos can build a similar one for you, or one with your own specs, timely!

Brand New 2016 4-string BOUZOUKI by Chris Spourdalakis (NeoRion)

2016 BOUZOUKI made from WALNUT with carbon fiber enhanced neck.

Top: Sitka Spruce
Carbon Fiber: YES
Decoration: Maple on rosewood background

Price: $1800 (includes hand made case, lifetime warranty, 4 sets of strings)

Construction date 2016

GreekArtLutherie is our idea of excellence and perfection in form and function and our passion to achieve it. GreekArtLutherie supports and promotes Art Luthiers from Greece whose extraordinary talent and hard work over the years culminated in production of instruments of exceptionally high aesthetic and acoustic standards. Our goal is to introduce these Art Master Luthiers from Greece and their astounding achievements to musicians in North America and provide the unique opportunity of owning an instrument that is truly a piece of Art.
We are very proud to introduce Christos (Chris) Spourdalakis who is one of the best representatives of Greek Art Lutherie.
Christos Spourdalakis' Stringed Instruments Workshop, "NeoRion", was founded in 1979 in Piraeus Greece. It soon found its place among musicians as another link in the old European tradition of Art Lutherie, a rare form of instrument making, the viability of which is now being threatened by the production of musical instruments on an industrial scale.
Over the years, Chris's and his unique team of exceptional craftsmen, experience, excellent choice of materials and attention to detail, gave birth to instruments of exceptional quality and character.
Chris Spourdalakis believes that contemporary Art Lutherie, must satisfy the traditional and classical elements, but also utilize modern technological advances. The contemporary instrument maker must be familiar with both traditional methods and modern technological developments. Through a combination of these the best possible outcome can be achieved.
It's up to you to decide.

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