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1935 National Style N Mandolin

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(Serial No. 302) Early Style N with triangular body, single resonator and 14 frets clear of the body. Has flat F holes and a round neck with a bound rosewood fretboard. Shows some playing wear on the cover plate and a few nicks and dents, but nothing major. Original hardware and finish. Typical with Nationals, the neck has some bow in it and would need a reset to play up the neck in standard. But that not what you want this for - its very cool just like it is for slide work, especially slide blues. Think Sam Bush. Sam plays slide mandolin - check out his sound to see all the possibilities. Very loud with a unique sound. Comes with a slide and a Travelite style foam hard case. Consigned. ..USD $1750

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Category: Mandolins
Ad Number 117439
Posted: Nov 13, 2017 08:05 AM CDT

Ad Owner
Charles Johnson
9702 Gayton Road, Suite 147
Henrico VA 23238
United States

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