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Bouzouki Strings From JustStrings.com

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A traditional Greek folk instrument, the bouzouki underwent a resurgence through Irish folk music in the 1960s. Now a popular instrument in both regions’ folk music, the bouzouki is a 6-strings or 8-string instrument with three or four double courses, respectively. At JustStrings.com, we offer an extensive collection of quality, hard-to-find instrument strings by the most trusted names in string manufacturing. A one-stop shop to buy bouzouki strings, we carry phosphor bronze, silver, nickel and stainless steel bouzouki strings for 6-string and 8-string instruments. Irish bouzoukis are typically played for chordal accompaniment, while Greek bouzoukis are played for both rhythm and melody. Since the Irish bouzouki is played for accompaniment, the strings are typically phosphor bronze for a warmer, more balanced sound, and Greek bouzoukis feature silver or nickel wound strings for brilliance and melodic play. Your ideal bouzouki string will also depend on the characteristics of your instrument. With seven trusted manufacturers to choose from, you’re assured to find a quality set for a quality bouzouki sound.

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