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1927 Vega #2 Whyte Laydie Plectrum Banjo

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A great old plectrum banjo that plays great and sounds wonderful. It is currently setup for Chicago tuning which is D-G-B-E (like the treble four strings of a guitar). The banjo is in great shape considering it's age and is believed to be all original except for the head and bridge. "Whyte Laydie" scalloped tone ring, 11" tortoise bound pot, Ludwig head, two piece maple neck with ebony striping, maple dowel, 28 hooks, 1-3/16 nut width, 22 frets, 26 1/2" scale. Comes with a very old case that may be original but is at least 35% duct tape at this point :-)


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Category: Banjos
Ad Number 117957
Posted: Nov 25, 2017 12:58 PM CDT

Ad Owner
Fiddler's Green Music Shop
1809 W. 35th Street
Austin TX 78703

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