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Mandolin Exercises For Dummies (Signed By Author)

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With over 30,000 copies in print, Mandolin For Dummies has become “the book” on mandolin. Mandolin Exercises For Dummies contains over 200 pages of scales, arpeggios, chords and rhythm patterns for the mandolin player wanting to expand their skills. Signed copies are available if purchased direct from author’s website.

Here are a few customer reviews:

“This is the best mandolin book ever written. It starts right at the beginning and moves forwards to other styles, influences from other countries and players. It gives us tunes, chords, rhythms, different techniques, some theory about different modes all written in a step by step logical way, that is interesting and sometimes funny and, unlike some music books very easy to read.”

“In my opinion, Mandolin for Dummies simply is the best overall instruction book for mandolin available today. It goes beyond the beginner level to provide a general introduction to numerous styles of mandolin playing. I love that it is not just one more bluegrass book, but introduces the player to ragtime, jazz, Irish, Brazilian, and Dawg music as well. Chapter 7 on playing "Jethro Burns"-style 3 finger chords takes the mystery (and the misery) out of learning a gazillion different chord shapes. There is also great material on rhythm, theory, scales, right hand techniques like tremolo, advice on mandolin purchase and care, etc. This is just a great book at a great price. At almost 400 pages, I have been working through it for several months now, and have still not made it to the end.”

“Outstanding product. Great work by Don Julin again. Excellent companion for the Mandolin for Dummies book. A must have for the serious mandolinist.”

“Full of useful practice tips. I use the right hand picking exercises everyday and find that my tone is really improving.”

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Posted: Nov 30, 2017 01:26 PM CDT

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