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Gibson 5 String, RB6, Checker Board

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I bought this Gibson RB6 for my collection in 11/18/2004. I have had many custom Banjos and at Seventy, I do not need them all. So I am selling some of my collection, and this is the last one I am going to sell.

This is a Gibson, Style 6 Checkerboard, was made in 2004. SN/ 6041004

This is a one of a kind, RB6, as you can see using a very tight grain wood, in the neck and resonator, almost one on top of the other. It was special order.

The production RB6 is about HALF of that grains thickness, and are all a like as close as possible. It would be easy to compare with Production RB6's found in the Net.

Gibson necks are made by First Quality Music, and that is where I got it from after, First Quality talked Gibson Company into it, as they wanted all the RB6's the same.

It has a Shubb 5th String, 8" Long, Sliding, Gold Plated Capo.

It also has a set of Gold Plated, Keith, "D" Tuners for the 2nd, and 3rd Strings, and it has the Original Tuners with it also, with the Original tail piece.

I think the Gold Plate on the RB6 is 18K? It is all Hand Engraved.

The price is 7,500

As far as I know, they have not made this Model for about 10 years, it would be easy to check out.

These Gibson RB6's will keep going up in price, as there are not many of them, and surely, none has wood like this one!

There are NO scratches dings, or dents. Estimate, has been played about, 5 hours.

This is NOT a reproduction that Gibson has made. It is a continuation of original serial numbers from 1928 to 1934. Only difference is a much higher Quality.



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