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New Ome Tupelo 12" Pot Open-Back Banjo

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Wonderful made-in America open-back banjo from the OME company. 12" maple rim with wooden tonering and antiqu’ed hardware.

New. SN# 6823.
Mahogany banjo. 12″ pot.
14-bracket. Antique’d brass hardware.

Beautiful and simple US-made open back banjo from OME company in Boulder, CO.

12″ Maple rim with wooden tonering cut at top of rim. Bottom of rim is bound with tortoise celluloid bindings and black cap.
Old 1840’s style”Square” peghead with Rosewood peghead overlay and Ebony fingerboard. Fingerboard has small dot inlays as position markers and last several frets scalloped away for better right-hand finger action.

Nickel tuners have been artificially aged. Brass hardware is antique’d. Comes with Rennaisance head and fresh professional setup by Greg Boyd. Great hard case.

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Category: Banjos
Ad Number 120904
Posted: Feb 12, 2018 06:14 PM CDT

Ad Owner
Greg Boyd's House of Fine Instruments
311 Knowles Street
Missoula Montana 59801
United States

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