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Banjo G Tuning Photo Chord Book

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This handy book shows left-hand fingering photos, notation, and diagrams for all of the basic 5-string banjo chords in G tuning (GDGBD). The sections are arranged alphabetically, grouping all chords with the same root in a section. Access to online video.

eBook+Online Video $7.99
Book+Online Video $9.99


A Chords
Ab/G# Chords
B Chords
B Chords
Bb/A# Chords
Blank Chord Grids
Blank Chords
Blank Standard and Tablature Staves
C Chords
D Chords
Db/C# Chords
E Chords
Eb/D# Chords
F Chords
G Chords
Gb/F# Chords
Minor Sixth
Seven Flat Five
Major Seventh
Major Seventh Flat Third
Minor Seventh
Minor Seventh Flat Five
Seventh Suspended Fourth

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