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Banjo Strings From JustStrings.com

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A staple instrument in bluegrass, folk and country music, the banjo is a versatile stringed instrument that has evolved over the years into various forms. Whether it’s a 4-string, 5-string, 6-string or tenor banjo, the instrument originated in the American south during the 1800’s. We carry an extensive collection of banjo strings available in phosphor bronze, nickel or stainless steel. Manufactured by the most trusted names in banjo strings in the world, our banjo strings ensure your instrument produces the crisp, brilliant sound associated with the banjo. The tuning of the banjo differs depending on the type of instrument you have and the style of music you are playing. The most common in the United States today is the 5-string banjo, usually tuned G-D-G-B-D. The 4-string plectrum banjo is typically tuned in a C-G-B-D with a scale length of 26 to 28”. The 4-string tenor’s short scale length with 17 frets is most often tuned C-G-D-A. The 6-string banjo, sometimes referred to as a banjitar, is tuned in a standard guitar tuning. The type of banjo string you need for your ideal sound will depend on the brightness of your instrument. For example, stainless steel strings provide a brighter, more cutting tone than phosphor bronze strings, which are warmer sounding. JustStrings.com has just the banjo strings you are looking for at a great price and with our excellent customer service.

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