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12 String Guitar Strings From JustStrings.com

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At JustStrings.com, we have a vast selection of premium strings for 12-string guitarists from all the best manufacturers including C.F. Martin, D'Addario, Dean Markley, GHS, La Bella and several others. Our expertly crafted 12-string guitar strings are available in all different types of materials for individual tastes and playing styles. From D'Addario, we have 80/20 bronze alloy, phosphor bronze, EXP coated and folk guitar Silk & Steel. We offer different varieties of C.F. Martin 12-string guitar strings for sale. We have the 80/20 bronze wound, Silk & Steel, 92/8 phosphor bronze, FX with flexible core, SP phosphor bronze and Lifespan SP. Strings that are referred to as "bronze" are actually made from various alloys that include phosphor, copper and zinc. The copper gives the string a bright sound, while other materials are added to provide strength and anti-corrosive properties. 80/20 bronze indicates that the wrap wire is made from 80 percent copper and 20 percent zinc. Phosphor bronze has a phosphorous content which helps preserve the string's tonal quality, gives a softer tone and reduces pick noise. We have 12-string electric guitar strings from La Bella, and 12-string acoustic guitar strings from RotoSound, Thomastik-Infeld, S.I.T. and others.

Note that these are all complete sets. For individual 12-string guitar strings, see our section of Single Strings.

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Ad Number 133767
Posted: Jan 7, 2019 01:16 PM CDT

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