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Early American Classics For Banjo

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Here is the Forgotten Heritage: Great Banjo Music! Discover the birth of the American fingerstyle banjo in this collection of 28 of the finest tunes culled from banjo publications between 1860 and 1887. Learn amazing banjo music by some of the early leading players, James Buckley, Albert Baur, and the great Frank B. Converse, the greatest virtuoso of his day. From folk-style dances to parlor dances such as the Polka, Mazurka and Schottische, to advanced Romantic-period classical-style solos. Can be played on modern banjos or period-style instruments. The audio recording by Rob MacKillop features a gut-strung banjo, and is played with the flesh of the fingertips, in the old American tuning. For modern instrument players, Rob has provided TAB and a Standard Notation stave at modern banjo pitch. Clawhammer players will find many of the pieces in the book suitable for their technique, and bluegrass/fingerstyle players will be able to play all the pieces. Rob MacKillop provides a fascinating introductory essay, placing the music in its historical context, while his audio of performances can be viewed as a stand-alone recording by a leading player in the revival of this great American banjo heritage. Includes access to online audio.

Book + Online Audio $19.99

James Buckley
Jig from French Quadrilles
Buckley’s Jig
Waltz with Variations
Wild Flower Mazurka
Leavit’s Polka
James Buckley’s Fancy Solo
One String Waltz
Albert Baur
Electric Light Reel
Twisted Rope Jig
“Too Utterly Too” Clog Dance
Minstrel Stage Reel
Nobody Knows Reel
Lively Twins Reel
Jumping Jacks Reel
Frank B. Converse
Blue Bell of Scotland
The Pequot Galop
Gumbo Reel
The Picnic Reel
The Starlight Mazurka
The Starlight Polka
Leaning on the Garden Gate
La España Waltz
The Dell Schottische
Boquet Mazurka
Minor March
The Dream Mazurka
Essence of Old Virginny

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