View Full Version : Where have all the old tenor necks gone?

Dan Hulse
Jun-23-2016, 12:11pm
I have a 30's (?) Maybell 19 fret tenor with a poorly repaired headstock break.
Does anyone know where I can obtain a replacement?
(I would actually prefer a 17 fret if possible.)
Can anyone recommend where I could have this done?

Jun-27-2016, 9:29am
Good question! Being a tenor player with a preference for vintage instruments, I've often thought of that too. I suggest getting in touch with Vinnie Mondello in Texas (www.4stringbanjos.com) -- a tenor banjo restoration expert and someone who is extremely knowledgeable about these old instruments -- a great contact for TB parts, restorations or repairs. Highly recommended (NFI). He also has a few old necks for sale; also try Bob Smakula in Virginia (www.smakula.com/Partslist.html). These two sources should at least get you in the right direction. (If you're in Canada, also check out Carl Arcand at Second Life Banjos in Quebec.) Good hunting!