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Jul-12-2016, 8:42am
Good day all. Started playing banjo 30 yrs ago. My main instrument now is mandolin, but I still have a Smith (now called Heartland) banjo, made by my friend Robin Smith. Pot is mahogany, Huber (I'm not related to Steve) ring. Great sounding instrument, but I don't play it much these days. I have a special place in my heart for the banjo, although I never got much beyond average.
Tony Huber

Mike Baker
Jul-18-2016, 5:48am
Hi Tony, welcome to the Cafe. Sorry it took six days to get a reply to your first post! I recognize your username from the mandolin cafe. Although you claim that you never got 'much beyond average', I have no doubt that with your 30 years experience will be able to provide some insight and advice to the absolute beginners who show up here, as well as to the relative beginners like myself (been playing for about five years).

Martin Ohrt
Jul-19-2016, 12:40pm
Welcome, Tony!
Many of us are active in both forums, I think... Glad to see that so many mandolinists have a dark side ;)
The BC isn't as busy as the MC, yet - hopefully, many banjoists will join us here to create such a lively atmosphere here, too! :)


Jul-23-2016, 12:08pm
Welcome Tony! I'm another mandolin player who also plays banjo. :)