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Aug-21-2016, 4:49pm
I'm wondering if anyone has information about Salstrom banjos. I bought one used in 1974. It's a great banjo, thin fast neck and loud.
Sticker inside the pot says Rockwood carvers, Oregon Illinois. It has handwritten numbers on the sticker but no other markings anywhere. It's walnut with the Salstrom checker board around the shallow resonator and around the pot. It has dot inlays in the fretboard but no markings on the headstock.
I know Fender bought the company in the 60's but have no idea as to the year of manufacture and have found very little information on the internet.
If anyone knows more about the brand, I'd appreciate any info.
thanks, Don

Jim Pankey
Aug-22-2016, 11:05am
Check this out...


be sure to scroll back to the first page...

Aug-24-2016, 7:48pm

Jim Pankey
Aug-24-2016, 10:19pm

These are pictures Granadadon sent me... Cool Salstrom. :)