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Sep-04-2016, 1:55am
This is probably a pipe dream but I'll go ahead and ask... There are very specific versions of songs I'd like to learn but I can't find tabs and the musicians are dead... Any chance there's a software package I can play a song into and it can pick out the tabs?

Sep-04-2016, 1:15pm

Jim Pankey
Sep-04-2016, 10:47pm
I don't know of any software that will do that automatically. Most people that transcribe tunes use software that slows down the music where they can find the notes. It's not automatic, and it takes some effort and requires some experience and a good ear.

There are a few folks around that will tab tunes for money... Steve Garner comes to mind.

Magic bullets... Music pills... Secret tricks... Also known as experience, practice and hard work.

Sep-05-2016, 1:09am
I figured as much but it was worth asking. :) Thanks!

Sep-28-2016, 10:31am
Hi Adam,

There are programs that will take your playing and put it into standard notation and from that you might be able to convert it to tab but it is often hardly worth it. Between the cost of such software and the work needed to convert it, it would be better to invest in a couple of tab books of your favorite players (even dead ones, I did books on Kyle Creed, Wade Ward, Tommy Jarrell and Fred Cockerham - Mel Bay Books - Bob Carlin is my co-author on those) to see how it is done, then just start learning to figure out tunes by ear then write the tab as you like - if you still need it then.

Check my website for my 7 banjo tune tab books (www.Clawdan.com (http://www.Clawdan.com)) and feel free to write me off list if you need more info.

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