View Full Version : The Appalling Lack Of Bluegrass Music In Branson

Sep-30-2016, 6:33pm
I can hardly believe the glaring void of bluegrass music in the Branson area. There's a huge niche for bluegrass music there. They have The Petersons, who are quite good, but only play occasionally in Branson and Silver Dollar City. And there's the Bluegrass And Barbecue festival once a year in May. That's pretty much it. I would think having a bluegrass venue, especially with an associated eating establishment in Branson, would be a no brain-er. Bluegrass music has a broader demographic vs the ubiquitous traditional country music found in Branson that appeals mostly to retirement aged people. Currently, bluegrass music has a growing appeal to younger people which is what Branson desperately needs. It's simply a great fit for the area. I hope that someone with the necessary resources will see the glaring need and strongly consider fulfilling it.

Oct-01-2016, 10:23am
Never been there but it has a reputation as a retirement home for country acts.

Oct-01-2016, 11:26am
I think most people, certainly not all, that like traditional country music also like bluegrass music. The Grand Ole Opry recognizes that and has a BG act almost every show. That alone should provide kindling to get the bluegrass fires going in the Branson area. I mean, this is the Ozarks for crying out loud!! If you can't get a BG venue going there where else could you? Missouri is a very active state for BG music. And you have Arkansas 12 miles to the south of Branson. Tennessee and Kentucky border Missouri to the east. The fuel is there. Just need the club owner to start the fire. Think mini Station Inn.