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Sleepy Sheepy
Oct-03-2016, 11:09am
I was recently given a banjolin (my first) from, as far as I can gather, some time around the 1930's that belonged to my Great grandfather, and I had a couple questions about it. I already had the Banjolin sent to a banjo guy that set it up. The action is still pretty high, not to mention the problem with the head. I suppose I shouldn't complain, considering the age and the conditions it was kept in.

I'm looking to play in a bluegrass band, so I'd like to get a strap for the thing, however there doesn't seem to be any specific place to attach one. Any recommendations? I'd like to avoid the metal-on-metal straps that I've seen around if possible.

Secondly, there seems to be a sound coming from the drum part of the banjolin consistently one half-step below the note I play on the G string. It goes away when I press the heel of my hand against the drum behind the bridge, however this cuts out a lot of the

I've already tried Mandolin Cafe, but they didn't shed too much light.

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Kevin B
Oct-03-2016, 3:59pm
Nice Banjo. Banjo straps can be the metal snaps (I don't like them either), they can tie on like a Cradle brand strap. Or they can have a loop on each end for fastening to the tension bracket hooks. That is most common. I use the type that have a punched hole in the strap ends that you attach a Chicago screw thru to form a loop. An example of that type of mount is a Showcase leather strap. To use the permanently sewn loops (Like a Huber strap) you remove a bracket hook, put the strap loop thru the bracket hook and then reattach the hook. Some people fear the Chicago screws will work loose. I check mine periodically. I did see a person loose a banjo on stage using a tie on strap. Fortunately he made a great save.