View Full Version : Best online lessons?

Oct-31-2016, 1:33pm
I'm primarily a clawhammer player, but I'd like to learn Scruggs style banjo. Matt Flinner's online lessons really boosted my mandolin playing, but although Matt apparently plays a pretty mean banjo, he doesn't do lessons. I'd love to hear what you guys think about Artistworks vs Peghead Nation vs some other instructor.

Nov-05-2016, 8:39am
I am taking Skype lessons from Bill Nesbitt at Little Rock Banjo ( http://www.littlerockbanjo.com/ ) I took lessons from a guy local but he stopped giving them. I am really enjoying Bills lessons and have begun to move to the next level with them. We do a 30 minute Skype lesson a week, he watches me play, gives good feedback (He is very precise and has helped me clean up my playing a lot). He then goes over whatever it is I need to keep working on, or the next song or whatever for the next lesson. He E-Mails me backing tracks and tabs. So far I am loving it.

Dec-07-2016, 3:25pm
I have been using Bill Nesbitt's free online stuff to get started and it's been fantastic! He is a great teacher, keeps it interesting and simple without being too simple.
Wish I could afford to take skype lessons from him as well!

Dec-25-2016, 1:37pm
I've learned a ton just from the free stuff Bill Nesbitt has online! He's a great teacher! Doesn't boor the crap outa ya with minutia and gets to the meat of it!