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Feb-17-2017, 10:06am
KM's Live Music shots (http://www.flickr.com/people/kmlivemusic/) has added a photo to the pool:
http://farm1.staticflickr.com/520/32122505643_56e1dc8cdd_m.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/kmlivemusic/32122505643/)
30th January 2017 at the Royal Concert Hall (Strathclyde Suite), Glasgow.

Celtic Connections Festival, www.celticconnections.com/ (http://www.celticconnections.com/).

Country: United States. Style: Bluegrass.

Lineup: Greg Cahill (banjo/v), Rick Faris (v/g), Nick Dumas (mandolin/v), Dan Eubanks (b/v)

This band was formed in Chicago over 40 years, and no less than 47 musicians have been members. Greg Cahill has been there since the beginning in 1975 but the others are all fairly new. Rick Faris joined in 2009 (originally on Mandolin), Dan Eubanks in 2013 and Nick Dumas in 2015. Up to the 1990s members were expected to move to Chicago, if they were not already resident. Now they are spread across the USA. Cahill is from and still lives in Chicago. Faris was born in Illinois and raised in Arkansas and Missouri, and now lives in Topeka, KS. Eubanks is from St Louis, MO and now lives in Nashville, TN. Dumas is from Briar, WA and recently moved to Jonesboro, TN.
More information: specialc.com/ (http://specialc.com/), www.facebook.com/special.consensus/ (https://www.facebook.com/special.consensus/).

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