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Apr-01-2016, 5:42am
Nice work Scott :)


Apr-01-2016, 7:34am
So, what have we here? :cool:

stephen cagle
Apr-01-2016, 9:55am
Very nice Scott! Im a mandolin player that spent many years with banjo.com and I have great memories of that and love the banjo dearly so this just seems natural for this to take place. Great job!😏👍

Apr-01-2016, 12:05pm
It's great to have a sister site to the Mandolin Cafe for those of us who swing both ways, LOL!

Apr-01-2016, 12:13pm
Great to have a site for the "Dark Side" where we can talk about 5 strings instead of 8. I just started two social groups for OME and Nechville banjos so feel free to participate.

Greg Rich
Apr-01-2016, 12:21pm
This is nice however I give myself maybe 24 hours before my first lock out

Apr-01-2016, 12:22pm
Pretty cool...

Banjo Cafe
Apr-01-2016, 12:23pm
Here's a direct link to the Social Groups (http://www.banjocafe.net/forum/group.php) for those that don't know about those. The permanent link is found in the "Community" drop-down menu on any page in the entire site.

Banjo Cafe
Apr-01-2016, 12:23pm
This is nice however I give myself maybe 24 hours before my first lock out

We are ready for you, brother!


Apr-01-2016, 12:56pm
Greg Vegas has already set odds. I was thinking maybe 5 hours! Great site!

Apr-01-2016, 1:22pm
Many thanks Mike & Charlie!


Andrew B. Carlson
Apr-01-2016, 1:43pm
Never woulda sold my banjer if I knew this site was on deck. Ah well, most people think I play a 8 string curly que mini banjo anyway. Let think what they want.

Jack Roberts
Apr-01-2016, 2:38pm
O.K., I have decide this is not likely to be an April Fools gag, So here I am. How about a Fiddle Cafe then?

Apr-01-2016, 3:41pm
Sure picked an odd day to roll this out…:^)

Brian Shaw
Apr-01-2016, 4:12pm
Great to have this site. I like my banjo as much as my mandolin

Mike Baker
Apr-01-2016, 5:05pm
Hello, I'm new to this site...

Apr-01-2016, 7:23pm
Thanks Scott! I don't play banjo yet, but I have a Billybilt open back on its way to me. I'm looking forward to giving it a try.


Apr-01-2016, 10:00pm
Wow! As a long term mandolin cafe member. I appreciate the new banjo cafe. I've never been drawn to the other banjo sites. Too hard to navigate.

Dave Hanson
Apr-02-2016, 4:58am
Great new site, well done.

Dave H

Mark Miller
Apr-02-2016, 8:23am
Well, I started my musical life on guitar, and still love picking country blues and do it every day; then I picked up mandolin which I am now in love with as well and play every day; and now a buddy of mine is selling his banjo to me because he's buying a really nice one...so when I saw this on mandolin cafe I figured I'd join. Here's the advice I really need as I start...not "clawhammer vs Scruggs" or "which beginner banjo" or "best instructional dvd" but "how can I quit my job so I have time for all this and still support my family?" If anyone has an answer to that one, I'd really appreciate it!

Apr-02-2016, 9:40am
OK. I'm on board! Love the mandolin cafe, so I'm sure I'll like the banjo cafe, too. I already like the way classifieds from each site are all linked together...nice!

Apr-02-2016, 10:30am
At first I thought this site was an April Fool's prank. :whistling:
I guess it's not. Time for a "walk-about" and check it out. ~o)

Apr-02-2016, 1:29pm
Like many others I too thought this was an April Fools joke but I'm sure glad it's not! I'm brand new to the banjo, recently traded my last remaining electric guitar for a Gold Tone BG -250f, it was too great a deal to pass up! Having a lot of fun learning & practicing rolls. Oddly enough I had just wished that the 'other' banjo site were more like the Mandolin Cafe & bam here ya be! Mind blown! (You fellas ain't with the government is ya? I'm putting my tin foil hat back on just in case!)

Apr-02-2016, 7:23pm
Thanks to all who worked to bring this site to us banjo players. I play clawhammer on a superb Reiter Grand Concert (the pic below shows a Ramsey Woody I once had) and 3-finger style on a Nechville Phantom. I'm a member of several music forums, all under the same user name. Best of luck to Banjocafe!

Apr-02-2016, 7:29pm
The site looks great! This will be a big hit. Hope it's ready for all the traffic

It also inspired me to fix the fifth string nut on my banjo and try again at learning clawhammer, got the nut fixed, but got a long way to go before I can claw and hammer

Apr-03-2016, 8:06am
Whaddaya know! The expected annual April Fools joke (at the Mandolin Café) is that the Banjo Café, launched public on 4/01, is NOT an April Fool's joke. Nicely done, Scott. Here's wishing that the reality turns out as well as that prior April Fool's joke, the book "Mandolin for Dummies".

Hmm, looks like the Classified section is shared between the two sites. Given the pre-existing segregation by instrument, that makes a lot of sense.

Apr-04-2016, 9:16am
I was curious about the launch day too! I was excited to see it was in fact, not an april fools joke!

Wayne Letang
Apr-05-2016, 2:46am
Thanks for not being an April Fools joke, on both sites now. Picked up a tenor and 5 string banjo, slowly playing with both. Wayne

Jill McAuley
Apr-14-2016, 7:08pm
I too thought this might be a Mandolin Cafe style April Fool's joke - delighted to see that it's not! Been a member over there since 2009, but was a tenor banjo player for several years before I ever picked up the mandolin. Now I have one more thing to distract me from work!

Apr-16-2016, 9:18pm
Just in time for my sort of new banjo! I like this forum software much more than other banjo sites. Thanks for setting it up.

Jeff Hildreth
Apr-18-2016, 2:42pm
Pleased to be here... great site.. on par with Mando Café where I have been lodging for 12 yrs.

I played banjo from 72-77 .. 1925 TB3 conversion.. I built the neck.
I now have started back up with banjo and have my third Bart Reiter and my second Grand Concert.

Rob Zamites
May-03-2016, 2:17pm
New to the Cafe, new to the banjo! I've always secretly wanted to play one :redface:

May-04-2016, 1:11pm
New to here, obviously. Not new to banjo! Cool site.