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Apr-01-2016, 8:10am
I'm interested in getting a real high grade instrument,,,my choices are a Gibson Granada,selling golden cross or a Grundy,,I'm leaning toward a Grundy right now,,I've read they are very consistent,,,anyone with any Grundy experience ,I would like to hear what you have to say....

Apr-02-2016, 10:54am
Based on my experience, I like the Ome banjos. I am not familiar with the Grundy line.

Banjo Cafe
Apr-02-2016, 11:05am
Grundy (http://banjocafe.net/cgi-bin/builders/search?search=grundy)

Apr-02-2016, 4:44pm
There are a lot of banjos out there. In the builders section above,,I clicked on resonator eye candy,,and there were a lot of makers I was not aware of. Currently,,I'm still liking the Grundy, Lonnie Hopper maple..

Apr-04-2016, 8:21pm
We are in a Renaissance of banjo builders right now and your choices are wide. I have a '27 Gibson, a Stelling Golden Cross, and a Yates as my main bluegrass banjos. All are excellent, but I would go with an old Gibson with a neck made by Arthur Hatfield or Frank Neat, if I had to choose.

You need to play them all and see which one speaks to you.

Apr-07-2016, 5:39am
You might also want to check out Nechville Banjos. It can't hurt to look.

Ivan Kelsall
Apr-08-2016, 6:58am
One brand that you might care to check out are the Gold Star banjos. I've played a Stelling Bellflower for close to 30 years,but when the Gold Star 're-issue' banjos,made in China, came out about 11 years ago i bought one. When i went over to Liverpool (UK) to collect it,i played it back to back with 2 banjos by 'the' best know maker,& it blew 'em away !!. I kept if for around 3 years & only sold it because i'd begun playing mandolin (Mandolin Cafe member for 10 years now). To say that the Gold Stars are good,is an understatement,they're excellent.
The GS tone rings were formulated fromthe tone ring in the Gibson banjo owned by the owner of Saga music & the production was overseen by ex-Gibson guy Greg Rich & Scott Zimmerman of Desert Rose banjos. My GS was immaculate in it's construction & sounded as good as any banjo i've ever played in 50+ years of playing.
If you were ever lucky enough to play one of the original Japanese made GS .306307banjos,you'd know just how good they can be.
Here's the sound of an original GS J.D.Crowe model.


Jim Pankey
Apr-12-2016, 9:20am
Can't go wrong with any of your choices. I was, however, quite impressed with Grundy's workmanship. It's a step above the Gibson in fit and finish. The one thing that still sticks out in my mind was how precise the flange fit into the resonator. I'm not sure if that means anything, but if Laurie puts that sort of exacting effort there, I feel as if the rest of the instrument will be just as special.

i certainly wouldn't mind a Grundy in my arsenal.