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Apr-02-2016, 9:24am
Hello everyone ! It seems rather odd to be posting so early on this new site. The feature article with We Banjo 3 was of special interest to me because I recognize those guys from the O'Flaherty Irish Music Retreat that I went to last October in Texas. I was actually in Martin Howley's mandolin class there. I learned about the retreat from the Mandolin Cafe, a site that I have been enjoying for a number of years. Before going to the retreat, I had already transitioned from mandolin to the Irish Bouzouki tuned the same as mandolin but an octave lower, and took it to that top-notch class. After returning home to Tucson, and starting to play in local Irish sessions, it was clear that using an Irish tenor banjo (tuned the same GDAE, and similar scale length) would allow me to hear better, and be able to participate more. Banjo is an amazing instrument with a more nuanced tone and resonance than I had ever imagined. I'm looking forward to reading other people's stories, and seeing how this site unfolds.

Apr-02-2016, 4:48pm
Hey Carl,,it's good to get in early,,it won't be long before this is a busy site.its laid out much better than the other banjo one,,and much more cohesive,,,