View Full Version : Fret Paw capo

Apr-03-2016, 8:18pm
I just got my new Fret Paw capo. I've tried every capo you can imagine, but this one is the first I've ever used where I didn't have to retune. (Except the fifth string)

Now, I have no financial or any other involvement in this product, but if you are sick of spending all your time trying to touch up your tuning after capoing, this thing is for you.

Apr-07-2016, 8:36pm
I've been waiting for someone to try one of them and give some feedback on how they worked! It's good to get some positive feedback on them. Thanks!

Apr-17-2016, 4:19pm
Just got back from a festival where I played an entire set where all I had to do was touch up the fifth string. This is an incredible capo...