View Full Version : Year of the banjo

Apr-04-2016, 8:13pm
I think the year of the mandolin blew us by,,despite colonel sanders early ad efforts last year, the mandolin comeback just didn't happen,and instead the freaking ukulele took right over,and last year was like the year of the ukulele.this year, I got this weird feeling, that the mandolin still ain't going to make it, and that I predict that 2016 is going to be the year of the banjo and become really popular.

Apr-04-2016, 8:23pm
Saw Keith Urban playing slide on an electric git-Jo on the CMAs the other night so maybe you're right!

though I think Mumford and sons already really bumped up the popularity of banjos

Apr-05-2016, 6:53am
Plus Steve Martin is really putting the banjo out there for the 'normal' public. They did a piece on him on the CBS Sunday Morning show a few weeks ago that was really great. Good exposure for the banjo as something other than a hillbilly instrument.

Mike Baker
Apr-24-2016, 5:34am
I think 'year' is not thinking big enough! With people like Steve Martin, Noam Pikelny, and Ed Helms championing the instrument, the decade could belong to the banjo. This is an old video, but in case anyone has not seen it....