View Full Version : New Member (aren't we all?)

Apr-07-2016, 5:50pm
So I saw the note on April Fool's Day about this new forum. Pleased to see that it is real. I am a recent banjo player, like most of us, by accident it seems.

I play a few different stringed instruments, sometimes people would ask "why don't you play the banjo?" I usually made a reply about a man has to have some standards, or know his limitations, etc. A friend of mine that I often played with passed away almost a year ago. His mother told me he had a banjo that he wanted me to have. Turned out to be a six-string banjitar/guitjo. What could I do? I accepted the gift and took her home and set her up - intonation, coordinating rod, tightened the head, etc. I found it's really a lot of fun to play. I replaced the low E and A strings with ones an octave higher to get some of that re-entrant tuning sound.

I see a five string or tenor banjo in my future, maybe both....

I'm known as Mandobart on Mandolincafe. Nice to be here.