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Banjo Cafe
Jan-07-2016, 7:48am
You can view the page at http://www.banjocafe.net/forum/content.php?135-New-in-Print-Classical-Themes-for-Banjo

http://www.banjocafe.net/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=43&d=1452619780 (http://www.banjocafe.net/forum/content.php?135-New-in-Print-Classical-Themes-for-Banjo)

Apr-15-2016, 4:56pm
I love seeing the banjo being taken in these directions-would be cool to learn some of these & do a duet with a cellist or something...... :popcorn:

May-14-2016, 4:12pm
I purchased a copy of this book and it's excellent - easy to play arrangements that you can spice up if you want to,and just as important- the TAB is a size that is comfy for middle aged and beyond eyes to read. Lovely selection of compositions and I love baffling the neighbors by pickin Beethoven on the porch!