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Apr-12-2016, 5:19am
Normally on the banjo I just bang out the tune as best I can if I know it, but what to do if I don't for folk banjo? I could strum but I don't find it that convincing, what do others do? Happy to use fingers rather than a pick if appropriate.

James Rankine
Apr-18-2016, 2:47pm
Replies are a bit slow on this one which I think means folk probably don't do accompaniment. Certainly if we are talking 4 string GDAE in an Irish session situation I'd say it's a definite no no. Actually I don't like GDAE strummed in any situation.

Apr-18-2016, 3:51pm
I agree, a no-no in Irish -- the tenor banjo in "Irish" GDAE tuning is basically a melody instrument for tunes, typically played with a flatpick/plectrum. I have a couple of CDs by well-known Irish TB players that do include some occasional strumming in a tune, but really just for enhancement, not for general accompaniment. But at a session? -- definitely not advisable! Now for folk music, lots more leeway there depending on the style and the tune I s'pose.

Apr-19-2016, 9:19am
Not specifically Irish, more general than that, so morris tunes, Playfords, some Irish, American, Europen &c.

At the moment I take the OM to the session, and if I don't know a tune I strum, or fingerpick through some chords -maybe even the right ones occasionally. Even I struggle to hear me though. If I take the banjo, I'd like to be able to join in even if I don't know the tune.

I do know what you mean about a strummed banjo though -I think I'd probably try a boom-ching using my thumb on the G string and plucking the other 3 with my fingers.