View Full Version : How do you pick it?

Apr-12-2016, 5:24am
I use a .75mm nylon pick, a friend uses a bit of tube cut at a slant that fits over his finger what about you?

I know but it's a new site and I don't think we have had the great plectrum debate yet :)

Apr-17-2016, 2:59am
Clayton Acetal .50 or .63 teardrop shape.

I can't believe this has been here a few days and no one has mentioned Blue Chip;)

Apr-18-2016, 3:58pm
I find Blue Chip, even the TD35, too heavy for tenor banjo playing, although do-able (I use the BC for mandolin though). I prefer Clayton Black Raven 0.50 for melody playing. Many like the Dunlop Tortex 0.50 (the red ones) or even 0.60 (the orange ones) for tenor banjo playing. The Dunlop Nylon 0.60 is also popular, but after playing for an hour or so at a session, they seem to get soft and sloppy.

Jill McAuley
Apr-21-2016, 12:54am
Clayton Acetal .50mm here too, love 'em, though they do wear out quickly - I go through one every two weeks just about.

May-04-2016, 3:59pm
As a player that grew up around traditional music in Ireland I can say with confidence that a .60mm Dunlop is by far the most common. I use a bluechip TD40 as it has a rounder tone that I find appealing. A few of my students are gravitating towards similar plecs.
Thinner more flexible plecs have more treble/highs in their tone and Irish players go for this as it cuts through the din in a pub session. Similar tactics I've encountered for this are the use of an unwound A string (for GDAE tuning of course) to achieve more twang/treble.