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Apr-12-2016, 5:54pm
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Apr-13-2016, 10:05am
Thank you for featuring Clawcamp. It continues to be an intensive skills learning workshop geared to the students who attend. Here is a "review" of camp from a multi year attendee. They will be back this year!

Clawcamp Testimonial

Thank you very much for running Clawcamp. It is a terrific experience, and offers a wealth of learning experience and comradeship. I can not even imagine a better experience or environment to learn or to improve what you already know on banjo and fiddle.

Anyone who has worked with your instruction books or DVDs can attest to your skill as a teacher, and would agree that you create interest and excitement to learn with your method. The only thing better is instruction directly from the "hand of the master!"

And that's not all! The homestead is wonderful, and South East Ohio is as beautiful as one could ask for - a genuine country environment and experience, far from distractions and interference. And an added plus are the other Clawcampers: In the past several years that Grace and I have attended, the gang at Clawcamp has been wonderful, fun, interesting, and have become friends we hope to see each summer. And if that were not enough, on the occasions when our presence is graced by the beautiful and talented Ms. Jennifer, Clawcamp is even better.

We wouldn't miss it, and hope to be there this summer for more music, fun, and companionship.

See you then -

Pete and Grace Kraemer
Silver Spring,MD"