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Banjo Cafe
Apr-19-2016, 1:09pm
You can view the page at http://www.banjocafe.net/forum/content.php?169-An-Interview-with-Kaia-Kater


Apr-19-2016, 1:40pm
Awesome! I've seen her around, nice to hear more about who she really is

Banjo Cafe
Apr-20-2016, 4:08pm

Apr-23-2016, 11:00am
Anybody know what kind of banjo Kaia Kater is playing in these pictures? A Vega Whyte Laydie?

If anybody knows, please let me know.


Banjo Cafe
Apr-23-2016, 12:06pm
Kaia just pinged us with the following info:

I use a long neck Gold Tone, a Dena Jennings gourd banjo, and still looking for a permanent open back banjo.

Mike Baker
Apr-23-2016, 1:05pm
Missed a chance to see her in Wolfville NS a while back. Ranks right up there with the dumber things I have done in my life.

Apr-23-2016, 7:27pm
Sure doesn't look like a Gold tone in those pictures!

Anybody know if she's using a Vega Whyte Laydie in those shots? Maybe an Eastman WL copy?

Banjo Cafe
Apr-24-2016, 11:48am
Here's a video of Kaia playing her Gold Tone long neck. One of our fav's!

Banjo Cafe
May-04-2016, 2:23pm
Ha! Rolling Stone Magazine reads Banjo Cafe. Well, we're not sure about that, but they are featuring Kaia prominently in an article entitled "10 New Country Artists You Need to Know: 2016 (http://www.rollingstone.com/music/lists/10-new-country-artists-you-need-to-know-may-2016-20160504/kaia-kater-20160504)."