View Full Version : Hello banjo cafe players

Arnie Naiman
Apr-24-2016, 5:56pm
Some of you may know who I am , but if not let me introduce myself. I have been playing banjo for about 40 years- have done recordings with Chris Coole, Erynn Marshall, Ragged But Right, The Albemarle Ramblers, Jim Childress over the years. Every time I pick up the banjo I hope to learn something new. The possibilities are endless. I have a new recording coming out & I hope some of you will be willing to support the music by buying a download or the cd sometime. I won't ever be streaming it. I believe streaming is ruining the recording industry for independent musicians who wish to at least make their money back from a very expensive recording process. I hope to talk some banjo playing tips and I hope you check out my music and information by going to my website at arnienaiman.com (http://arnienaiman.com/home). Cheers for now!

Apr-25-2016, 9:58pm
Hi Arnie, thanks for the link. I listened to your video of "Last Days of Autumn" and really enjoyed it. I sensed a little taste of Celtic in the rythmn, or maybe it's just me? Either way the melody is hypnotic and I can imagine how hard it would be to stop if I possessed the ability to play it!