View Full Version : A couple of old family photos...

Jim Pankey
Apr-29-2016, 11:53pm

Mike Baker
May-01-2016, 6:21am
Great photos. Can you tell us anything about either the people or the banjos pictured there?

Jim Pankey
May-01-2016, 10:47pm
The first picture would have been taken around 1946 and is of my mom and my uncle (holding the banjo) -- I actually have that banjo; it was the banjo I learned my rolls and chords on. It's a Stella. The second picture is likely my maternal grand-aunt Viola (probably one of her son's in the background). I'm not entirely sure when it was taken, but maybe about 1940... No idea what may have become of that banjo or what it may have been other than a cheap mail order instrument.

May-02-2016, 8:51am
Very cool photos! I envy those of you who have family heirloom instruments like that.

The banjo in the second photo intrigues me. Only 12 frets on the neck but it looks like 38 hooks on the rim?! I love the bit white bow she tied on the peghead, though. :)