View Full Version : Howdy !!

Apr-30-2016, 10:57am
Just wanted to drop a line and say Howdy to all you pickers out there. I'm located here in Midland Michigan, made a trip to Elderly's yeaterday to get spikes put in my banjo, played some real nice jo's while waiting.


Banjo Cafe
Apr-30-2016, 11:04am

We want to make that trip. How many banjos do you think they have in stock? We've heard something like up to 200.

Apr-30-2016, 12:21pm
They have one room dedicated to banjo's, not sure about 200, but there's at least 40 + out and all price ranges from a few hundred bucks to $4500.
I usually get there a couple of times a year and always pick while waiting.
Don't get any better than that!!

Apr-30-2016, 12:47pm
I envy yo, being close to Elderly. I order from them often. WELCOME !

Apr-30-2016, 10:43pm
Welcome Chris,

Don't you wish the doctor's office was likely waiting at Elderly. Hey the dentist wouldn't be so bad either!

Rob Zamites
May-03-2016, 12:31pm
I'm even more blessed, I live a mere 8 miles from Elderly - great bunch of folks there and you can literally play any instrument they have in their showroom!