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Rob Zamites
May-03-2016, 10:08am
Hello All,

I frequent MC, but wanted to participate in the site for our brethren! I happened to be a runner up in the giveaway, so will soon have banjo-centric stuff and said to myself, "Shucks, why not?"

I've been debating between a kit (http://www.harpkit.com/product/mbanjkit.html) or a Deering Goodtime Americana (I live 8 miles from Elderly!). Is the Deering a decent starter like the Trinity College of banjos?

Just curious, and since I know so very little about banjos, figured I'd break the ice by asking for a little advice.


Mike Baker
May-03-2016, 10:38am
Hi Rob!
I love my Goodtime. It is no frills but really well built. Though I have not played the Americana, that larger rim is something you won't find in other (new) banjos in that price range (AFAIK). If you get it from Elderly it will be well set up, so there will be nothing holding you back. I say go for it.

Rob Zamites
May-03-2016, 11:07am
Thanks Mike! I happened to find that my 2 year old credit slip (from trading in instruments to Elderly) was still valid, so I'm on my way to being able to get it! Question is, will my CBOM friends disown me now? :))