View Full Version : Eastman WL-1 Banjo

May-06-2016, 9:15pm
Has anyone played one of these?
The video on Elderly.com is quite nice.
This banjo has a very mid-heavy tone which I like a lot.

May-07-2016, 7:31am
I played one before I bought my WL. I have a pre-fire 1903 WL. The Eastman sort of looks like the WL and sounds nothing like an actual one. It's good for what it is, but it's not a clone of the original.

May-07-2016, 4:00pm
What brand is the one you have??
AC Fairbanks??
Sorry for the totally noob question.

May-07-2016, 9:24pm
What brand is the one you have??
AC Fairbanks??
Sorry for the totally noob question.


Jun-04-2016, 3:52pm
That is a nice looking ax. Here's a pic of it on their site. Is this the only model they make? Seems so.



Jeff Hildreth
Jun-18-2016, 3:21pm
I ordered one from its original source.

Substandard in all respects and misrepresented by the seller, in fact.. they lied.

"highest quality"... no.. it is not.
Promised custom set up... no... when I brought that to their attention....their response..
"they were flying out so fast we did not have time to set them up.. we just threw them in a box and shipped them."

They promised a particular set of strings and bridge.. came with neither. Cheap strings , poor quality bridge .

Action so high the dowel stick and hole needed to be re-cut. No bridge of any size or description would fix the problem.

Cheezy case one step up from chip board... double bump.. no it is not a double bump case.

They offered to send another banjo if I paid the return shipping of the misrepresented, defective banjo, if and only if I were to pay for the shipping to back me of another banjo.

I declined.

They promised a refund via my credit card. After two weeks, did not happen. I contacted them and they lied to me again. It took contacting the card company to get it handled. 30 days.

It cost me around $155 not to own it.
I would never do business with this firm again
There are much better banjos within a couple hundred of this very obviously made Asian unit.
There are more honorable people who sell banjos.

A description of my experience in detail can be found elsewhere on the net.