View Full Version : Post a picture of your Banjo Cafe ball cap

May-07-2016, 11:44am
Like to see some real pix of these. Anyone received theirs yet?

May-10-2016, 6:47am
I got mine yesterday but forgot to take a photo. It's a nice cap. Very soft and comfortable.

May-11-2016, 6:28am
Sorry for the crummy phone pics, but here they are from different sides. The color of the hat is somewhere between a beige and a light olive. I suppose it's technically khaki colored, but a very faded khaki.

BTW, taking a photo of the back of your own head is more difficult than I would have thought!

Mike Baker
May-11-2016, 11:59am
Mine was shipped right away and quickly made its way to Canada customs. Now it will be a waiting game to see when Canada post gets it the rest of the way to me. I guess I will need to take one of my 4 Mandolin Cafe caps with me on my vacation.

Banjo Cafe
May-11-2016, 12:01pm
Tobin, how does one photograph the back of their head like that without help???


May-11-2016, 12:41pm
Well, in the absence of a selfie stick (undoubtedly the most ridiculous human invention in all of history, which I obviously do not own), you just hold the phone behind your back and hit the button, hoping your head is somewhere in the frame. It took me quite a few tries to even get it in there.

Mike Baker
May-12-2016, 2:50pm
428Arrived just in time for the trip. I might even wear it at Fenway on Saturday afternoon.

Jim Pankey
May-19-2016, 2:25pm
Would a video count?


Banjo Cafe
May-19-2016, 3:44pm
It would.


Mike Baker
May-26-2016, 1:48pm
Can't seem to get this photo to display upright. Anyway...
Wore my BC cap to Fenway and the Sox won (walk off double in the 12th). Wore it to Camden Yards a few days later and the Orioles lost. So yeah, it is officially my lucky cap now.

Banjo Cafe
May-26-2016, 2:28pm
Cool picture! I was a Red Sox fan as a kid. Your camera device doesn't understand EXIF. Exchangeable Image File Format. Explanation here (http://www.mandolincafe.com/forum/entry.php?713) which is really TMI for most of us.