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May-11-2016, 12:50pm

I purchased a banjo last night from a friend for my 7 (almost 8) year old son Chamberlain. He has been after me to get him one. A banjo enthusiast buddy of mine had a Morgan Monroe Rocky Top and he cut me a deal. I am a mandolin player primarily and know little of banjos. I can see that I will have to learn along with my son. Let the fun begin and driving the wife nuts with roll learning repetition. :))
I am seeking advice on picks for the boy. The kid has huge hands for a his age but mine are much to large. Any suggestions? There is one music store close and not very helpful. I simply want to avoid buying a slew of picks online that will not be used.

May-20-2016, 11:45am
It might be a help to you to know Wayne Erbsen suggests learning in the beginning without finger or thumb picks- just with your nails,as a classical/fingerpicking guitarist would do. As I play mandolin also,I use a thumbpick for that (and have small hands) however on banjo I still play bare fingered & have no prob with volume....except when a right hand nail breaks.

May-20-2016, 7:30pm
I would think that any metal picks would work. They can be bent to any finger size. Unless I'm missing something about this issue?

Jim Pankey
May-25-2016, 9:40pm
Dunlop and ProPik both make small sized picks. Either is good, but you may be able to get the smaller Dunlops at a local music store.


Tobin, the problem with a regular size pick isn't so much the band, but rather the blade length that makes them awkward for smaller hands. Of course, it's totally doable, but the smaller pick does make it more comfortable.