View Full Version : 5th string tuner replacement for 70's Aria Banjo..help!

May-16-2016, 12:57pm
It still has the original,and it's about dead. Found out your standard geared tuner isn't the right size,and the old 5th string tuner doesn't want to come out. Suggestions? Should I go for a non geared tuner,or? The banjo doesn't have a model # or I'd include that. Thank you in advance.

Kevin B
Oct-03-2016, 5:21pm
A picture would really help. The taper on pegs can vary. Sometimes you have to use a tapered reamer and fit the hole to the peg. If you can get the old peg out and measure both ends of the taper there are schematics online that depict the taper of various pegs. You may be able to help your peg our by carefully heating it with a soldering iron. Care has to be used around binding. You would remove the plastic button of course.

Kevin B
Oct-03-2016, 5:23pm
Here is a very helpful article http://www.frets.com/FretsPages/Luthier/Technique/Banjo/Gear5thPeg/gear5th.html