View Full Version : Anyone here play banjitar/guitjo?

May-21-2016, 5:04pm
I have one,in addition to my 5 string banjos and I do enjoy playing it! Used to write articles about it for a different banjo forum. ~o)

May-22-2016, 2:05pm
Why yes Mizz Belle ...
I too play a 6-stringer and enjoy the variety it gives me from my plectrum or 5-string. Playing a lot of trad jazz a la Johnny St Cyr it does something the plectrum doesn't ... not better ... just different. They're also great as back up instruments for contra dances.

May-22-2016, 2:08pm
oh how cool! You have any videos of you playing,and do you ever try fingerpicking blues on it (country blues)? Any pics of the instrument? I have an Estrada......

May-22-2016, 2:35pm
Good god!!! ... videos of me! Perish the thought.
They're great for all types of fingerpicking ... being a Vermonter i had to learn Maple Leaf Rag. Basically i play whatever moves me or in a jam ... whatever needs playin'. I got a great deal on a used Deering Deluxe years ago and love it. If i were interested in getting another 6 i'd look into a 12"head.

Sep-06-2016, 2:45pm
Just a cheap Gold Tone 6 string that I like it a lot except the bass is lacking a bit. A bigger head might be punchier, and I have a fibre head that will fit so I might yet try that, or tinker more with the bridge. Great action and playability, nice tone, well made, and a perfect fit to share the Gold Tone 5 string case. With acoustic recordings it's handy for duplicating parts, adding colour, lead fills, etc, but also excels as a lead melody instrument. I was surprised to find that I prefer the tone with the resonator back attached, not the case with my 4 and 5 strings.

Sep-15-2016, 8:33am
I have one that I inherited from a friend that passed away. I enjoy it more than I thought I would. I replaced the low E and A strings with strings an octave higher to more closely approximate the reentrant tuning of a 5 string.

Jim Yates
Oct-07-2016, 6:50am
My brother, Gary, has a six string banjo that he strings in Chicago or high strung tuning, with the 3rd,4th, 5th and 6th strings an octave higher. His weekly jam group has 4 guitars, so he has tried to add some different textures with the Autoharp, guitjo and 5 string.

Nov-21-2016, 10:34pm
My brother, Gary, has a six string banjo that he strings in Chicago or high strung tuning, with the 3rd,4th, 5th and 6th strings an octave higher.

Like Nashville tuning.

Dec-07-2016, 3:00pm
It's simply a 6 string banjo.
Not a "banjitar" or "guitjo"

Regardless of the number of strings or how it is tuned, you play it as if it were a banjo. Because it is... :)

Dec-25-2016, 2:23pm
I've got the Dean model. Had a new bridge and some other tweaks done to it and now it plays great. But I have a 5 string that gets most of my attention now.
I think we should all just agree to call it a 6 String Banjo though. It really isn't a guitar in any way other than the tuning. And I tune mine like a banjo anyway with the 5th string at G and 6th a D. You have to play and pick it like a banjo. It's a banjo, with 6 strings! :))
Just my two cents!

Jim Yates
Jan-01-2017, 2:09am
Like Nashville tuning.
Exactly. I don't know why I called it Chicago tuning. That is DGBE on the tenor banjo or guitar. Thanks for correcting me Bart.

Jim Yates
Jan-01-2017, 2:11am
My son Clay has a six string banjo that he uses in a jazz group, The Hot Club Of Port Hope.

Jan-06-2017, 5:03pm
I've been playing 4 and 5 string for years. I was buying a Bodhran in a shop in Belfast recently when I spotted a 6 for sale. Very tempted! I think it would sound great for songs such as "Follow Me Up To Carlow" and "Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye."