View Full Version : Ran Into a Dobson Descendant the Other Day!

May-24-2016, 9:53pm
I was having dinner at a friend's home, and the subject of musical instruments came up. The fellow I was speaking with says to me, "my great great great grandfather made banjos. His name was Edward C. Dobson." I informed him that the Dobson family were illustrious and well known banjo makers.

He sent me these photos of the instrument that was handed down to him, including the inscription which is made out to, "Jack Kelly from his grandfather, Edward C. Dobson, July 9, 1919." I take it that Jack Kelly was a fairly well known vaudevillian, although NOT the leader of the South Memphis Jug Band - since (I assume) he was white.

As you can see from the bridge position, my friend does not play at all, but would love to learn more about his musical ancestors.

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Jun-04-2016, 3:55pm
Cool story!