View Full Version : some neat straps from Couch

May-30-2016, 1:46am
cool website, check it out, found it while looking for a mens shave kit bag:

I like these banjo straps(I have some large outdoor gear bags with seatbelt straps and find them quite comfortable)

I like the guitar straps also-especially the vintage volkswagon and the Cadillac red:

May-31-2016, 10:16am
I like that they are repurposing things like seat belts and seat fabrics into straps. Lots of vintage "cool factor" there. But I would be real wary of using those Volkswagen vinyl seat fabric straps on an instrument with a finish on the wood.

For instrument finishes, vinyl is the enemy (http://www.frets.com/FretsPages/Musician/GenMaint/Vinyl/vinyl.html).

My first car was a 1971 VW Super Beetle, followed by a 1967 Beetle that I drove through college. Ah, the joys of driving in 100+ degree Texas heat with vinyl seats and no air conditioning! I haven't found anything that will stick to the backs of your bare legs or burn your skin quite like sun-baked vinyl, LOL.