View Full Version : experience with Nechville's-especially Atlas-report please

Jun-03-2016, 12:24pm
around 2 years ago I became quite impressed with what I read/heard regarding the Atlas open back from Nechville. I like the full fret neck and the radiused thumb area at the 5th string, light weight, and especially I like the tone.

if you've had time with Nechvilles, any model, love to hear your experience.
likewise, if you've had time with one of the radius fretboards vs flat, your feelings on that.

I'm thinking about a 11" pot, shortscale neck, bone PIP instead of the 5th string spike, and I'm seriously considering fretless down to the 6th fret.

thank you

leave you with this 12" demo


Jul-25-2016, 7:16pm
I have an Atlas 11" pot 25.5 scale and find it to be a wonderful banjo. Earlier I had a Moonshine 26.5" scale with a radiused fretboard. It required the Nechville radiused bridge as well and while it played great I didn't find it any better than my Atlas flat board. All in all I have owned 4 Nechvilles, including Moonshine #1