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Jun-05-2016, 4:28pm
terrible news for these fine folks.
supposedly 5 finished banjos ready or almost ready to go out.


just terrible

Banjo Cafe
Jun-05-2016, 4:49pm
Tragic, this from Facebook:


Hi friends - An update on our fire. First, holy cats, we are so blown away by the love coming our way. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
We don't have power, phone or internet (we are at our dear friend's house contacting insurance and letting folks know). We do have a place to sleep, although we lost our usual sleeping cabin to the fire (it's right next to the shop, that's how Jason spotted the fire right when it started).
We do have insurance, but are waiting on coverage information and claims amounts. We are looking at a minimum of 6 weeks before we can start rebuilding the shop, and then unknown months before we're building banjos again. But we ARE rebuilding.
One of the hardest parts of today was sorting through the burned rubble; the piles of vinyl records fused together, nothing but brass parts and truss rods left of finished banjos, bronze hardware melted together, and not even a trace of the old guitars.
We have had so many friends already putting together crowd funding and fundraisers and other support. I don't know specifics but we are intensely grateful on this crazy day. We love you. Intensely right now.

Jun-05-2016, 4:59pm
I hope this is okay to post within forum guidelines-if not, I apologize and please remove.

If folks skip a soda pop each day for this week and send that via paypal friends/family, the Romero's will get the full amount and quickly. Its not that much, and these folks are real community to us all-even if you don't own one of the banjos.

jason@romerobanjos.com via paypal friendandfamily

Banjo Cafe
Jun-05-2016, 5:07pm
Not a problem.

Once something is set up formal to support their rebuilding feel free to let us know. We'll be behind it 100%.

Banjo Cafe
Jun-07-2016, 7:12am
News report (http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/romero-banjo-shop-1.3619429) about fire.