View Full Version : Banjo teaching DVD's, whats your favorites (any style)

Jun-12-2016, 1:31am
mimicking the thread on book lessons for banjo, I thought I'd post a thread for DVD lessons as well.

I've found the following immensely helpful, easy to understand, and packed full of learning.

1)Zen Banjo, method & mindfulness, Steve Baughman/Rev Heng Sure
2)clawhammer from Scratch, Dan Levenson
3)Jens Kruger's Banjo Method for Beginners (https://www.homespun.com/shop/product/jens-krugers-banjo-method-for-beginners/), Jens Kruger
4)Just Rhythm, Intermediate West Virginia Clawhammer, Modal West Virginia Clawhammer, Dwight Diller


Mike Baker
Jun-12-2016, 12:41pm
I think I would definitely benefit from instructional DVDs. My problem these days is that I no longer have a DVD player! I'll have to see about downloadable versions of some of these.