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  1. Oh happy day

    Finally played a solid and fluid banjo roll, that actually sounded musical tonight! Oh happy day! More practice tomorrow night. I may fall balky be getting this 5 string thing
  2. May Gray and Porch Pickin'

    Where I live in SoCal has been slammed with pleasant temps and tons of overcast. Rain would be welcome,and yes I like the May gray,especially for doing my annual "rebooting of the front porch". This consists of emptying pots that the annuals died in,putting in fresh soil,and planting this year's crop of petunias (patriotic colors in one pot!) marigolds,pansies,and salvia. (My local 99˘ store had an abundance of annuals!) The porch gets a BIG sweep & dusting,a bit of rearranging of ...
  3. 5 Summer Must Reads for Banjo Players

    With summer right around the corner and (we hope) a little down time in your schedule we have five superb books to recommend. You can't go wrong with a single one of these and although we've read them all (except for Carlin's book which is on order), don't take our word for it: check out the fantastic ratings on each book yourself at which is one of several places we're linking to for purchases.

    The only down side to a list like this is there are so many good books we've ...

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  4. Spring update – 2016

    Hi Folks,

    Yes! Spring has sprung which in the southwest means it can be 60 one day and 90 the next. It’s ok. I like the sunshine! In the east it means 60 and sunny one day, snow and freezin’ a’ cold that also means I’m still in the west, but time to travel is coming up soon.

    The garden is continuing to thrive though I have scaled it back a bit to only the cactus and ornamentals so there isn’t as much to keep going over the summer.

    Squirrelly Dan and The Cat ...
  5. New Here,and trying to figure out how to upload a pic of myself

    While any woman like an air of mystery about her,I'm being more mysterious than I care to be as I can't figure out how to post a profile pic here. (That's a call for help!)
    Windstorms are really strong today- I'm preparing lessons for banjo and mandolin,been having fun with my Tiki ukulele,and need to get to my viola-however family members are napping,so I'm keeping quiet for now.
    I do play some clawhammer but always wind up playing mainly 3 finger/bluegrass style-must be due ...
  6. Pass it on!!!