• The Evie Ladin Band - Jump the Fire

    The Evie Ladie Band is set to release a new CD on May 6, 2016 that showcases the talents of well-known clawhammer banjo player and instructor Evie Ladin. Ladin fronts the band and writes the lyrics for the original songs featured on the CD, titled "Jump the Fire."

    Accompanying Ladin are fellow band members Keith Terry (bass, body music, percussion, vocals), and Erik Pearson (guitar, bass, banjo, vocals). The CD combines traditional folk with African Influences.

    The CD can be preordered at the link below.

    Track Listing

    • Jump The Fire
    • Cozy
    • Ease On Down
    • Honey Lou
    • Heat Of The Day
    • Two = 3
    • CooCoo
    • Have It All
    • Walking In A Straight Line
    • Drinking About You
    • Only You
    • Under The Waterline
    • Jump Up & Go

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