• Beyond the Waterfall: Extraordinary Tunes for Fiddle and Clawhammer Banjo, by Dan Levenson

    Pacific, Mo. — Mel Bay Publications is set to release Beyond the Waterfall: Extraordinary Tunes for Fiddle and Clawhammer Banjo, a new book by Dan Levenson.

    The focus of the book is on lesser played tunes. It contains a collection of 40 challenging, unusual, and interesting tunes written out both in standard notation and clawhammer banjo tablature. Also included are suggested chords and fiddle bowing.

    The book features a number of old-time songs, including all of their lyrics. Most of the tunes also include a selection of historic notes and recorded references for the reader to look up, so you can hear how it was played "way back when."

    The book is available for pre-order now at the link below, and is expected to ship June 1.


    • Ask That Pretty Girl to Be My Wife
    • Been All Around This World
    • Been to the East, Been to the West
    • Blackjack Grove
    • Blue-Eyed Susan
    • Chattanooga
    • Chinquapin Hunting
    • Dusty Miller
    • Elkins
    • Flying Clouds
    • Flying Indian
    • Free Little Bird
    • Froggy Went A' Courting
    • Get Off Your Money
    • Gilsaw
    • Glory Medley
    • Goodbye My Little Darling
    • Greasy Coat
    • Happy Hollow
    • High Yellow
    • Indian Corn
    • John Hardy
    • Johnny Walk Along With Your Paper Collar On
    • Leaving Home (aka Frankie and Johnny)
    • McMichen's Reel (aka Hog Trough Reel)
    • Milwaukee Blues
    • Old Bell Cow
    • Old Melinda
    • Rattletrap
    • Red Bird
    • Red Fox Waltz
    • Reuben's Train
    • Rocky Mountain Goat
    • Sadie
    • Sail Away Ladies
    • Shady Grove (in A major)
    • (John) Sharp's Hornpipe
    • Tippin' Back the Corn
    • Trot Along My Honey
    • Woodchopper's Reel

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