• 5 Important Public Facebook Banjo Groups

    Facebook contains a number of banjo public groups that have a brisk participation rate some may find to their liking.

    Here's good news we can all get behind: Facebook is full of banjo players and fans of banjo music, and they allow Public Groups started by enthusiasts who agree to become the group "owner" or administrator. The information in the groups we're going to tell you about is rich, and don't be surprised if you see a lot of names and faces you recognize, famous and not-so-famous.

    What follows is a list of five of the most active public groups with daily posts by group's members. Most of these are true public groups in that you don't have to have a Facebook account or be a member to enjoy some rich — and, well, it's the internet — some not-so-rich content. For these groups our assessment is the wheat exceeds the chaff.

    There's no harm in a visit, so if you're dead set against Facebook or on the fence by considering the jump, the worst thing that can happen is you'll be seeing plenty of banjo content. That's a very good thing.


    Public Groups

    Private Groups

    Banjo Players United - 7,610 members. Unfortunately, the group with the largest number of members on Facebook (mostly of interest to resonator players) has been set as "Secret" by the administrator which lends it visible only to those with a Facebook account. Of the five groups, it's the only that has lost members since we started tracking their numbers in December 2015. To our mind we don't see a good reason for this setting but it's the group owner's prerogative. The group is not necessarily limited to resonator discussions but that's the focus.

    Got one we missed that you'd like to include? We'd love to hear about it.
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