• Free Banjo Cafe Case Stickers

    We're proud to offer our Banjo Cafe case stickers, shown below. This a cut-out sticker, not a rectangle. What you see is what the sticker will actually look like. It's a custom cut sticker.

    We provide three convenient ways to acquire the versions of our Banjo Cafe case stickers:

    1. Send us a self-addressed stamped envelope to the address below. You must send a business size envelope or we will have to fold them which is not recommended.
    2. Prefer we do all the work and pay for postage? Outside of the U.S. and can't send U.S. currency? With any donation (hosted by Mandolin Cafe) we'll do the rest.
    3. Two stickers are sent with the purchase of a Banjo Cafe Ball Cap.

    Need a lot of them for a special event? Let's work something out. Contact us.

    Mail self-addressed & stamped envelope to:

    Banjo Cafe
    1100 New Jersey St.
    Lawrence, KS 66044
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    1. CletusTPossum's Avatar
      CletusTPossum -
      I'll wait for the cap. My old Martin guitars cap is just about worn out.