• Megan Lynch Chowning & Adam Hurt - Inside Out

    A new album blending Texas Style fiddling and clawhammer banjo has been released by Adam Hurt and fiddler Megan Lynch Chowning.

    The album, titled Inside Out, grew out of a chance meeting between Adam and Megan in early 2015, when they had an opportunity to play a couple tunes together at a camp where they were both instructors.

    Adam called a tune he had been interested in for a while, "Tugboat," knowing that Megan was a National Champion Texas style fiddler and would be likely to play it, or at least be familiar with it. He had no idea it was one of her favorites and that she would be so excited to have that tune suggested by such an unlikely person, a champion clawhammer banjo player steeped in Appalachian styles.

    Megan's husband Adam and their friend Tyler Andal happened to be nearby and as they are both accomplished rhythm players in the Texas style, they were happy to jump in and add to the jam.

    It was a fantastic and exciting result. Both Adam Hurt and Megan realized in the that moment that they were likely creating a mashup of styles that needed more exploring. This album is the result of that exploration.


    The track Dora Dean from Inside Out.

    About the making of Inside Out, Megan told us, "I've made a fair number of albums in the last couple of decades and I'm proud of all of them. For the first time though, with Inside Out, I really feel like I'm a part of creating something new. Traditional American music, whether it's Texas style fiddling, Appalachian old-time, or any of the others one could mention, rarely gets a makeover of any kind, mostly because it's pretty fabulous just the way it is. But Adam Hurt and I are so excited about the way we've melded our respective passions into a style that has the beautiful melodies and rhythmic pulse of old-time as well as the drive and improvisational qualities of Texas style. Not to mention, we were able to include my husband and our dear friend Tyler Andal on rhythm guitars. That made the whole project just that much more meaningful."

    Track Listing

    • Tennessee Breakdown
    • Cherry River Rag
    • Oyster River Hornpipe
    • Blue Eagle
    • Stumptown Stomp
    • Dora Dean
    • Brandywine
    • Grigsby's Hornpipe
    • There's a Brown Skin Gal Down the Road Somewhere
    • Bumblebee in the Gourdvine
    • Tugboat
    • Natchez Under the Hill
    • Brickyard Joe
    • East Tennessee Blues
    • Cowhide Boots

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    1. jbalch's Avatar
      jbalch -
      This is a FANTASTIC recording. Highly recommended.
    1. Jeff Hildreth's Avatar
      Jeff Hildreth -
      Thanks for the recommendation.